Our Town

It’s time to change your pace from rushed, to relaxed. Time to go from fast to slow; to transition from being out of breath to having your breath taken away.

The North Carolina Mountains are full of retreats that boast cool breezes, small town charm, or mountain vistas of green. But, sometimes those places don’t always include the feeling that you fit in perfectly the moment you arrive.

We have an antidote to your hurried and impersonal world. You just need a little West Jefferson, NC. It is here that we understand it is equally important to be pampered, and stimulated — to recreate and recline. You’ll feel a rush of energy flowing through, and around our revitalized downtown. Feel what it’s like to wave at someone whizzing by on a mountain bike knowing they will wave back. Sip a local brew on a shady street corner that shares the sidewalk with innovative and inspiring art galleries. Savor inventive and delicious cuisine, or listen to a story that makes history come alive in a way you never thought possible. Even while browsing the wares during one of our spectacular downtown celebrations you’ll see everyone is a friend.

And then it happens: And it’s at that moment you keenly realize life has slowed down to match YOUR PACE. EVERYONE around you is laughing, or smiling, or LISTENING to the mountains groan with happiness while the Carolina blue sky squints with satisfaction. That’s when you know that a little WJ is changing you, embracing you, and you’ll never be the same again.

How do we do that? Well, we live slowly enough to enjoy every moment, but we think fast enough to stay relevant and innovative. And when you’re here, you’re struck deeply by the notion that this is place for ANYONE, with something for EVERYONE that really fits YOU.

Come to West Jefferson, NC.